OpenAI Text To Speech (tts-1) and Polish language

Does OpenAI Text to Speech support languages other than English? OpenAI’s Text-to-Speech service transforms text into audio files with impressive quality when we consider English language. I haven’t performed a blind test, but based on a few samples I heard, I don’t think I could easily recognize if the audio were recorded by a real … Read more

DALL-E 3: comparison of Standard vs HD quality

What is the new quality parameter? DALL-E 3 introduced a new API parameter, quality. The documentation explains: quality (standard or hd. Defaults to standard) The quality of the image that will be generated. hd creates images with finer details and greater consistency across the image. This param is only supported for dall-e-3. Source: DALL-E 3 … Read more

DALL-E 3: `vivid` vs `natural` styles compared

What is the new style parameter? OpenAI released a preview of a DALL-E 3 API this week, and I’m excited to play with it today. We can now control a new parameter named style. The documentation explains: style (defaults to vivid): The style of the generated images. Must be one of vivid or natural:– vivid … Read more