Always open Microsoft documentation in English

The problem: Microsoft docs selects a machine-translated version of document by default If English is not your native language, you might have noticed that documentation from Microsoft opens in your native language by default. This behavior is very user-unfriendly because, unfortunately, the documentation is machine-translated. The quality of this translation makes it unreadable for every … Read more

Migrate from Jetbrains.Annotations [NotNull] / [CanBeNull] to C# Nullable Reference Types

The most popular feature of JetBrains.Annotations is probably the addition of two cool attributes: [NotNull] and [CanBeNull]. They add a meta-information to a marked element, describing if null is a correct value for that element, or not. Then, developers using ReSharper would get help from the IDE and could easier avoid mistakes like here: I … Read more

PiHole hosted in the cloud? I recommend NextDNS

Looking for a Pi-Hole alternative? NextDNS is a great option for those seeking a customizable DNS server that can be accessed outside of their local network. With similar functionality to Pi-Hole, it offers great quality and a usable free plan (although premium plan is super-cheap, too). What is Pi-Hole? PiHole is an application which acts … Read more

Moq: Extension methods (here: LoggerExtensions.LogError) may not be used in setup / verification expressions.

Sometimes when we develop unit tests it’s convenient to check if the tested code wrote something to the log. Is it a good practice to assert that some particular message appeared in the logs? I think there are pros and cons. On the pros side, we can make general assertions like “no errors were written … Read more