Welcome to my new blog. I believe I already started 5 blogs in my life and later killed them for various reasons 😉 Some of them technically still exist, for example:

  • .NET Battlefield, my old blog about Sharepoint and .NET development, has last post dated to 2015.
  • Zakasane rękawy, where I published some essays about productivity, was officially closed in 2020.

The other ones addressed other interests of mine, but I found that I feel better completely removing them at some point.

Why again then? I know there’s no fame or money in blogs like that. I think I can only justify it as a form of entertainment. I enjoy writing. It helps me think. And once again I feel that I want to create something like that in my spare time, even though from the start it gets a pretty low priority among other things I want to do.

Let’s see how it goes. To improve its chances, let me keep posts brief and to the point!

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