Finding meaning in an IT job

I’ll start with a disclaimer that the companies I’ve been working with lately are doing a fantastic job in solving real-world problems. My reflections here are not meant to undermine the value of projects I was part of. Instead, I wanted to explore the feeling that to do something really meaningful, perhaps I would need … Read more

Remove multiple Data Lake Storage Gen1 Access Control List entries (ACLs) in one operation

In large Data Lake Stores, operations on ACL entries are slow I recently wanted to simplify permissions in a Data Lake Storage file system. For folders and files in Data Lake Storage, we define permissions using Access Control Lists. Microsoft generally recommends that we should assign permissions to security groups, and not for individual users … Read more

How to query Application Insights with C#

Update: the code example in this article uses an API that is now deprecated. It will only be useful if you are stuck using old NuGet library to query Application Insights. For new code, you should use instead. This article does not provide code example on how to use that newer API. Application Insights … Read more

How to use NordVPN + PiHole together

NordVPN blocks access to PiHole device when connected I consider the following privacy tools useful, but for a long time, I didn’t see a way to make them work together at the same time: PiHole is a DNS-based ad-blocking and malware-blocking software with a friendly web UI.Typically, it’s installed on a Raspberry Pi device, and … Read more