Calendar Filter – a small tool to declutter your calendar view

About Calendar Filter

Calendar filter is a service that allows you to hide events in your calendar. I created it to have more control over subscribed calendars and allow decluttering them.

It’s open source, and now it’s publicly available as a free service. However, currently it’s best seen as a beta version, shared to collect feedback that might direct its future development.

Your calendar app retrieves calendar via a personalized link from the Calendar Filter service. Calendar Filter serves as a proxy between the app and the original calendar source.
The calendar filter service is basically a small, stateless web service that serves as a proxy between your calendar app and the calendar you want to subscribe to. It assumes iCalendar (*.ics) format of the calendar. It has several options to transform the original calendar.

What was the original use case?

The use case for which it was created is something like this:

  • I like to have a single view of all my personal calendars in one place. I guess it’s quite typical to use Google Calendar or other app to show multiple calendars, like:
    • Private personal calendar,
    • Work calendar,
    • Calendars shared with other people.
    • Calendars exposed by productivity apps like Todoist,
    • Personalized calendars exposed by services like Facebook, Meetup etc.
  • Some of the calendars you subscribe to are a bit cluttered, for example:
    • In your workplace calendar, you might have events like lunch or daily scrum, but want to filter them out when you glance at your overall agenda in Google Calendar or on your smartphone.
    • Your to-do app’s calendar feed might display all to-do items in the calendar, but you might want to only show tasks that have the time specific time assigned.

How to use it?

Go to the, where you can configure your filters and get a personalized link to your filtered calendar. Then use the link in your calendar app. That’s it!

A screenshot of a configuration page available at This page allows you to personalize your filter.
A screenshot of the configuration page. No sign-up required.

If you found this page, I’d appreciate any feedback! Is this what you were searching for, or you expected to find a different sort of solution? I encourage leaving feedback in the comments.

You can also visit Calendar Filter on GitHub and create an Issue to submit feature ideas or bug reports. Kindly note that I do not monitor the service in any way (besides the costs it might generate), so if you notice any bugs, you need to report them if you want to see them fixed.

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